With enthralling exuberance and fiery authenticity, Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock/Pop Punk band ROCKET is propelled with perseverance and purpose. Their latest songs reveal the five musicians entering a new orbit, powered by the sonic fuel that drives their artistry: a propulsive rhythm section, a dual guitar attack, and front and center, the vivacious bravado and electrifying vocals of front woman Janelle Barreto. 

Barreto who creates vocal melodies, and guitarist/songwriter Eric Wibbelsmann, who formulates the corresponding guitar hooks, constitute the creative nucleus of ROCKET’S formidable songwriting synergy. Drummer Paul DePatie drives the band’s hard-hitting rhythms; guitarist Steve Kilcullen infuses high velocity metal influences into the textures, while the newest ROCKET member, Trevor Snow, brings a unique creative dimension via both his playing and songwriting contributions. 


The band’s cooperative spirit is a five-way marriage, says Eric Wibbelsmann. “We have to agree on the music and give each other room to try anything for the good of the band, and the song. We’re doing this collectively – five people, one unit.” 


The newest ROCKET recordings were created at the legendary EastWest Studios in collaboration with producer Mark Needham. The multiple Grammy-nominee joined the band at their rehearsals, and prepared by jotting detailed notes in the balcony at the band’s triumphant Whisky a Go Go show. “Every time we are in a room with him we are a better band,” says Janelle. 


The choice of EastWest Studio Two, a legendary room where bands like Green Day, Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine have worked, set the bar high. ROCKET replicated their onstage intensity across the recording process, rocking out live in full support of the instruments being tracked. 


With substantial airplay on powerhouse SoCal radio stations including KROQ and KLOS, headlining shows at famed Los Angeles rock clubs, and an abundance of features, interviews and reviews in magazines, websites and blogs, ROCKET maintains high media visibility. With the release of their newest songs, they are set to launch into the next phase of this ever-ascending career arc. 


Dedicated to the purest concept of how a band and an audience can inspire each other, ROCKET radiates an empathic energy for their community of listeners. As Janelle confirms, “We know we can’t solve the world’s problems, but we do know that we can provoke thought, maybe even prompt change, while possibly helping others feel better for a moment. And to give that to other people is the greatest gift of all.”